London, U.K Mar 2019

SearchPal a new multilingual Internet search engine has been launched. SearchPal differentiates itself from other web search engines by its emphasis on Internet safety and privacy employing Bing’s Strict Mode (API) it blocks inappropriate websites, offensive content and harmful traffic that can slip through in other search engines even when “clean” search terms are entered. Offering you, your family, organization or company a good experience of Safe Surfing.

The site does not store IP addresses, does not log user information and uses cookies only for user settings such as Language Settings and Theme options. The search results are generated from multiple separate sources, including crowd sourced sites such as Wikipedia, and other search engines such as Bing.

SearchPal blocks inappropriate websites, offensive content and harmful traffic.

SearchPal allows users to search the entire web for pages, images, and videos. It has multiple filters to refine the search results. It comes with regional search, light and dark interface with eye-candy backgrounds, intuitive and responsive design.